sprinkelSome Important Points Related to Sprinkler Height

Whether you are carrying out certain reticulation repairs, laying the reticulation system or are making some changes to your lawn, it is important to ensure that you have rightly and correctly placed lawn sprinklers to protect them from potential damage.

Often referred to as pop-up sprinklers, the lawn reticulation sprinklers literally pop-up when the water passes through them. The sprinkler head normally recedes back into its position after the watering is finished. This also prevents the chances of it getting damaged or becoming a cause of injury to people.

Common problems with heights of sprinklers

The lawn sprinklers’ correct height is something very important because if kept too high, the sprinklers can be hit by a mower, resulting in not only sprinkler damage, but also the possibility of snapping of the underground reticulation pipe. Fixing of reticulation pipes can be a very time-consuming and costly affair. Sprinklers protruding too much out of the ground can also cause severe injuries to children and/or people as they may trip or fall on the sprinklers.

Too high sprinklers also increase the risk of significant damage to the reticulation pipes especially if a cylindrical mower is used for mowing. Cylindrical mowers have large sized flat rollers and even if a sprinkler is only 1 cm too high, the machine’s weight is good enough to push the sprinkler down and also smash the reticulation pipe underneath.

The right sprinkler height

Aretic sprinkler must ideally sit under the ground level of the lawn, in a manner that anyone walking over it should not be able to feel the sprinkler under his/her feet. Carrying out this test is extremely important because if the lawn becomes spongy due to excess thatch later, the sprinkler may go completely unnoticed and get hit and destroyed during mowing.

Making adjustments to sprinkler height

This isn’t a very difficult job. The sprinklers are normally connected to the retic pipes with the help of a riser. It is all a matter of replacing this riser with a shorter one. In situations where this may not be possible, top dressing of the lawn in order to raise its height is an effective alternative. You may also use an articulated riser as a last resort.

Ideal distance between sprinklers and paths

Lawn sprinklers must be placed in a manner that they are at a minimum 4 cm distance from the path’s edges. Such placement ensures complete protection of sprinklers from any path or retic pipe movement over a period of time, and no problems during sprinkler surround installations if needed.