Residents of South Perth are lucky; not only do they have the beautiful Swan River on their doorstep, but the Perth Zoo is not far either. There are parks and a golf course as well as many other attractions, not to mention the many attractive homes in the area. Part of the attraction of residential properties is in the garden and lawn surrounding each one. But in Perth, it is essential to have good reticulation to ensure a plentiful supply of water to the garden.

Reticulation South PerthMany people do have irrigation, but they may need retic repairs if it breaks down. Don’t put it off, otherwise, your garden may be the only shrivelled up one on the street. You don’t want to become known as the only place with a dried up lawn. Besides, green lawn is a lovely place for children to play after a hot day at school. They can kick off their sandals and let their feet enjoy the tickle of soft green grass as they run about.

How to Reduce Water Usage

Many people use too much water in the garden and it ends up costing more than it should. If your water bill is too high, our irrigation services include working out a system that does not waste water. There is no point in paying for water that runs down the driveway or sprays out onto the footpath. Having a custom designed system will avoid this problem.

Another way to reduce water usage is to plant shrubs and flowers that don’t require a lot of water. Many of our plant species come from Britain where the rainfall is much higher. They may grow well in South Perth, but need lots of water. It is far better to find native plants or other species that don’t need such a large amount of water. These will grow and bloom better in this area, and your garden will always look good.

It is also a good idea to plant similar species together so that you don’t overwater those that don’t need it while trying to ensure the water needs of others are met. Both over and under-watering are not good for plants and can even kill them, so getting it right will pay dividends in saving costs of replacements and having your garden look really attractive all the time.

Get Professional Irrigation Advice

We know lots about the irrigation needs of lawns and gardens in this area. If you need advice or retic repairs to your watering system call us. We can upgrade an old irrigation system to one with more features that will save water and costs. Automated systems are so easy to use and take no time at all. You can free up more leisure time by having one installed on your property.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can give you a quote for repairs or a new irrigation system. We can design it specifically to suit your needs. Call us today. We will be happy to talk to you.