The adjoining suburbs of Nedlands & Dalkeith are ideally situated between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. With close access to the lovely parks and esplanades on the riverbank, there are many great places for picnics and to generally enjoy the great outdoors – so long as the weather is not too hot. Speaking of heat, it is essential to keep the water up to your lawn and garden with the correct reticulation if it is to remain verdant and a pleasure to look at.

How to Achieve Street Appeal

Reticulation Nedlands & DalkeithA pretty garden offers street appeal to any property, important if you want to sell it or even if you just want to ensure your asset remains valuable. A neglected garden is not attractive and will not enhance your lifestyle. One that is cared for is pleasing to the eye and makes life much more enjoyable. A big part of that care comes from having the right retic services so that your watering system never fails.

If you need to install irrigation or are in need of Irrigation Services, we are can provide highly trained staff that are experienced in reticulation repairs and installing custom irrigation systems for homes, schools, parks or commercial properties.

What Happens When Your Garden Dies?

It is essential to the value of your home and the reputation of your company, that the premises they are located on always look cared for and properly tended. If your grounds look shrivelled up and bare, potential customers will think no one conducts business there. Then if they find out you are indeed, open, they tend to think you run your business the same way as you look after the premises; poorly. It may not be fair, but it is a human trait to make such assumptions.

That is why you need to ensure any irrigation repairs that are necessary are made in a timely manner. Don’t let your garden and lawn die off, because it takes a good while for it all to grow back again. Plus there is the cost of replacing lost plants. Meanwhile, you are losing customers. Call us if you need retic repairs of any kind.

Custom Irrigation Saves Water

We offer top quality reticulation services to look after your garden or premises without you spending a lot of time on it. Having an automatic irrigation system installed is an investment in your future. We can design a system that will ensure only the areas needing water will get it. For instance, you won’t want to waste water on your car parking area, driveway or a public road. But the wrong retic system can easily overspray your garden so that water is wasted.

You will surely enjoy the sea breeze on a hot day, but your plants may not find it so great. In Nedlands & Dalkeith, salt-laden winds may deposit enough salt onto your plants to burn their leaves. An advantage of having an automatic irrigation installed is that it can wash this salt deposit off your plants so that they can be healthier and grow to their full potential. Call us today to discuss your need for retic repairs or irrigation.