With Perth’s mainly dry climate Mt Lawley residents need the right kind of reticulation to keep their lawns and gardens looking good. Very often it is just too hot to go outside and water the lawn, especially if you need to stay there long enough to give it a good drenching. The best kind of watering as it encourages the roots to grow down into the soil where they are protected from the heat and dryness in the top layer.

Advantages of Irrigation Systems

Reticulation Mt LawleyOur reticulation services include installing automatic watering so that you don’t have to spend time out in the heat, especially when you are tired out after working all day. There are many kinds of irrigation and what suits larger acreage may not suit a smaller property. In addition, acreage that is lawn only will have different retic needs than shrubbery, trees or flower gardens.

We can come and look at your Mt Lawley property to see what you need in the way irrigation services. If you already have irrigation installed you may need reticulation repairs as sometimes pipes break – or are dug up accidentally. Solenoids can also break down or get damaged. Spray tips can bet clogged up. All these retic repairs are simple to do for our experienced and highly trained staff.

You may also decide to upgrade from a simpler kind of irrigation system to one that has more features to save you time and money. The right kind of watering system will ensure that lawns and garden are taken care of and no water will run down the pathway. There is no point in paying for water only to have it go straight down the drain. Our retic services include upgrading to a system that suits you as well as doing any irrigation repairs that are necessary.

Gardens evolve over time and the irrigation that once suited your property may not be right for it now. You may have installed more garden beds or even let some go and put in shrubs instead. Making your garden easier to handle and more suited to the environment is a good step. Low maintenance gardens save time and energy and allow you to enjoy the garden without having to do so much work.

Automated Irrigation Equals More Free Time

With the right irrigation system installed, you won’t have to stay home to water the garden. You can go on holidays and know that your precious plants and lawn will be watered automatically. Or you can spend your evenings playing the sport or just relax instead of holding that hose all the time. In fact, you can even switch the retic system on and off using an app on your mobile phone. This gives you more freedom as you are not tied to a thirsty garden all the time.

Contact us to have all your garden and lawn irrigation needs to be seen to by professionals who are proud of the good job they do. We can come and give you a quote, draw up a custom irrigation installation plan for your property and have it installed quick smart.