People who live around Floreat & City Beach enjoy the magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, especially at sunset when the sky turns pink and orange. The many pretty gardens in the area are the testament to the hard work residents put in – and to their reticulation systems. Sandy areas are notoriously difficult to grow flowers or other plants in because the water tends to evaporate easily or it sinks right through and washes out the nutrients plants need to grow strong and healthy.

Reticulation Floreat & City BeachMany plants are not salt tolerant, so that tends to limit what you can grow, but often it is possible to create a micro-climate on the sheltered side of the house, or by using a greenhouse with screens for shelter. This keeps the wind off to some extent and helps plants to survive. An irrigation system that will wash the salt off plants regularly also helps. Retic repairs may be needed from time to time to keep that water flowing when it is needed.

Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Good in Sandy Soil

There are several ways to have a great garden in sandy soil:

  • Add good soil to your garden before you try planting anything. This addition should contain everything necessary for good plant growth. Make sure you purchase this soil from a reputable nursery. You don’t want weeds or stones in it.
  • Adding fertiliser such as animal manures that are not naturally found in such places also helps to keep plants growing. This can often be purchased from a farm gate.
  • Mulch is necessary to help keep the moisture levels up and prevent drying out. Organic mulch is the best as it gradually breaks down and adds more nutrients.
  • An automatic irrigation system will ensure that the garden is never left to dry out.
  • An addition of topsoil to the lawn will also help grass to keep green and verdant
  • Make sure the plants you buy are healthy and can withstand salt in the air.
  • Look at the bottom of the plant pot to see if roots are protruding or bound up. If they are, choose another plant.

Our reticulation services will come in handy to ensure that your garden and lawn get all the water they need when it is needed. We also do reticulation repairs so that you are not left without this necessary service should something go wrong with the irrigation.

We can do a lot of repairs because our staff are highly trained and our tools and equipment have been purchased especially for the many retic services we need to perform in Floreat & City Beach. Whether you own a residential property or a commercial one, our irrigation services will come in handy. It is important for businesses to ensure the outside of your premises is as nice as the inside, otherwise, your clients may be turned off and deal instead with your competition. Contact us for irrigation repairs or installation to keep your lawns and gardens in top condition.