Claremont has the advantage of being almost on the coast. Residents can enjoy the cool sea breeze and go swimming without much travelling. But just like other suburbs near the coast, residents need reticulation for their gardens in order to wash the salt deposits off plants for them to grow well. Anyone who lives close to the coast will know that the salt-laden wind can also rust out things like your rotary clothes hoist and even under the car if you don’t wash it carefully.

Reticulation ClaremontYou can’t blast everything with water to get the salt off; it would take too much water. But you can synchronise jobs to do two at once.

How to be Water Wise

To save water, you can drive your car onto the lawn just before the irrigation cuts in and have your car hosed off at the same time as your lawn is being watered. Even if you wash your car with car wash, most of the chemicals in it are the same as is found in lawn fertilisers, so it will not damage the lawn.

Being water wise is also about using less water in the garden. It might surprise you just how effective a custom designed irrigation system is at reducing water use and waste. We can design such a system to suit your specific garden needs so that not a drop is wasted. We make sure that the sprinklers along the edge of a path or drive all face in so that no water is wasted on the cement.

Our reticulation services in Claremont include all retic repairs when needed. But the way we set up the system minimises the likelihood of breakdowns. For instance, we ensure the solenoids are housed in a single poly box that is strong enough to withstand foot traffic or vehicles – which might be needed if you drive the car onto the lawn. We take other precautions when installing irrigation that means reticulation repairs are not as likely to be needed.

Need Irrigation Repairs?

Whether you have a residential property or a commercial one, we can design the best irrigation system for it and will come immediately if any irrigation repairs are needed. We are proud of our Irrigation Services to the community as we know that this is partly what makes it so attractive.

Without sufficient water there would be no gardens or lawns; without irrigation, lawns and gardens would not get the water they need. People frequently forget to water their plants, and sometimes they just don’t have time to do it. Installing an automatic system is the best way to ensure your garden is looked after.

Our other retic services include:

  • Repair bore pumps and broken pipes
  • Audit and repair water reticulation systems
  • Drill and install water bores for residential and commercial use
  • Install and repair submersible and centrifugal pumps
  • Install commercial and residential custom-designed water reticulation systems

We are the go –to guys for everything to do with water in the garden or lawn. Call us today.