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We specialise in designing, installing and maintaining reticulation & irrigation
systems across Western Australia.

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We carry our retic service & repairs in Perth for residential and commercial clients and have been providing reticulation services for over 15 years. We are the industry experts when it comes to Irrigation and Reticulation. For all your Retic Repairs call us today on 0401 034 113 or Contact us

A well-designed reticulation system ensures timely water supply in the most effective and efficient manner. Water wastage is minimal and your garden or landscape will always bear a vibrant look. In addition, water supply can be directed and controlled based on the exact needs of specific areas and plants. Simply put, an effective water reticulation system is an almost indispensable investment for any property.

Not only do these systems help make a very beautiful and enviable looking lawn or garden, they save you a lot of money by cutting down on water bills, fertilisation cost and maintenance cost. Eugican has a team of quality experts, technicians and horticulture specialists who know the reticulation industry. From installation to repair work, we deliver exceptional results always. We can service your reticulation / irrigation systems components to make them perform at optimum levels. Broken parts are replaced and equipment is fixed wherever necessary.

All work is carried out with complete transparency. If need be, we are also capable of completely overhauling your reticulation system. Whether you have acreage or a small courtyard we can help you. We are the industry experts when it comes to Irrigation and Reticulation.

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Need an Irrigation Expert?

Irrigation Perth

I am Eugenia Ietto and I can help you with anything to do with Irrigation. I have been designing and installing irrigation systems around Western Australia for over 15 years now – assisted by a team of expert irrigation technicians – and I ensure that my entire team remains strongly focused on impeccable workmanship.

We are available for any irrigation related help anywhere within the metro area. Whether it’s installation of a new system, replacement of few valves or complete overhauling of your irrigation system, you can trust Eugenia Ietto to treat every job with equal amount of sincerity and hard work.

Each one of my team members is kept up-to-date with the latest developments in irrigation technology and devices. Simply put, we’re your go-to people for irrigation systems.

Water Bores: Eugican can help with all your water bore needs from repairs, new installations, drilling, submersible & centrifugal bore repairs & replacements. We can help with both commercial & residential water bores.

We also keep ourselves updated with the current state laws and regulations regarding permits and drilling work. Call us now to find out how Eugenia Ietto can transform your lawn or garden for better! We don’t charge anything for estimates and quotes.

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At Eugican we offer a range of retic repairs and services to keep your
lawn and gardens looking beautiful year round.

Our Retic services cover the following areas:


Retic Maintenance

Like almost all aspects of your daily life, your reticulation or irrigation system also requires regular servicing and maintenance. Things like equipment failure, burrowing animals, changes in sand or soil can all contribute to some most commonly occurring reticulation system problems. All our technicians come fully equipped with well-stocked service vehicles, so they can provide immediate audits and carry out retic repairs to both commercial and residential reticulation systems.

Some commonly provided reticulation services/maintenance activities we offer are: wire tracking, pre-season maintenance checks, locating solenoids, replacement and repair of bore pumps, repairs of broken pipes and sprinklers, fault diagnosis, installation and/or replacement of reticulation controllers, system audits, general maintenance and more.


Retic Fault Finding

This particular aspect of reticulation services can become a pain if your service provider isn’t equipped with the right type of tools, technology and experience to nail the issues.

Whether there’s a leak around the valve, low or no water pressure, sprinkler valves not turning on or leakages in pipes, our well-qualified technicians can figure out the problem in no time.


Retic Electrical and Wiring Problems

If your retic’s electrical and wiring system hasn’t been planned carefully, it is bound to give problems later. Our team will identify the exact problem and figure out remedial measures so it doesn’t occur again. Some of the important considerations we make while handling the electrical and wiring aspect of your reticulation system are:

  • We avoid dotting up solenoids all over the yard and have them all in a single poly box instead.
  • We always ensure that the poly box in use is a durable one, good enough to protect the wire junctions and valves from vehicular and foot traffic.
  • We always use multi-core wires which are well protected by an external PVC sheath. Wires are further protected inside electrical conduits or are even strapped underneath PVC piping where required and possible.


Retic Valve Location

The solenoid valves in your reticulation system are 24 volt devices that normally remain underground, facilitating constant switching from one station (sprinkler group) to another in automatic reticulation systems.

Anytime there’s a fault in the solenoid valve or if it breaks down, it may get stuck or fail to open at all. Such faults are easy to fix if the exact locations of these solenoid valves can be known.

Our team of technicians is equipped with special cable locators. We can easily help locate all lost solenoid valves and even trace broken solenoid wires.


Retic Installation

Our reticulation services experts can easily and efficiently carry out any irrigation system installation for you. Equipped with experience, knowledge and latest technology, they’ll do complete justice to your garden or landscape, always keeping the plants’ health and future in mind. We start by understating your landscape, taking into account factors such as area, layout, plant types etc., followed by creation of a customized water reticulation solution.

The idea is to do complete justice to your garden or landscape, without making any compromises. The solutions can be automated and normally last a lifetime. So, your garden or lawn remains in top shape regardless of whether you’re out of country or aren’t able to devote time to it at all. This leads us to our next speciality.

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A fully automatic irrigation or reticulation system, Customized to the unique
requirements of your garden / landscape has several benefits.


First and foremost, you’ll no longer be tied to your lawn or garden as far as watering times are concerned.

The watering cycles will get accurately controlled and the system will continue to take good care of your garden regardless of your present location.

In simple words, you’ll have more leisure time at your disposal. Watering patterns can also be altered depending on the current local weather.

What more, some of the advanced automatic systems can even be controlled via smartphone apps. We, at Eugicanretic, are experts at installation and maintenance of automatic reticulation systems.

Why not call us now and start saving on both water and time.

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We design and create residential landscapes across the Perth region that
you and your family can grow in, and not grow out of.


Having well-thought of and well-executed garden landscaping provides an obvious enhancement to the property’s curb appeal.

This is not something that you need to consider additionally, but in fact is the most significant element to improve the overall aesthetic value of your residence.

For more detailed view of what we can do for you and your garden,
please visit our landscaping website

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