lawn-reticulationBenefits, Costs and Correct Method of Lawn Reticulation

For a large majority of people staying in Perth, lawn or garden reticulation is something which is a given. No wonder, an overwhelming majority of themactually have both garden and lawn reticulation systems installed! In this short article, we will take you over some of the important benefits of having a good quality reticulation system installed, the costs involved and the correct method of using modern day retic systems. Let’s start!

Set it forget it! – The single biggest benefit of having a lawn retic system is that it takes away all the trouble of watering your lawn on a regular basis. Once you have set up the retic system, it will switch on, water the lawn, and thereafter turn off, without any effort from you. You will not even be required to remember that you have to water the lawn!

Even and just enough watering – The next important benefit of having a good lawn reticulation system is that it will effectively water the lawn in an even manner and for a certain preset amount of time (normally programmed into the retic control box).

Zero worry watering – People who own good quality and dependent lawn or garden reticulation systems don’t ever have to worry about the occasional repairs.

Lawn reticulation costs

Having a good quality and dependent reticulation system installed in your lawn does involve a significant amount of initial expenditure. This is completely justified considering what you receive in return. Majority of the expenses go towards retic pipes under the lawns, joining of the pipes, pop sprinklers, solenoids for controlling watering, the reticulation control box and more.

We strictly advise homeowners to carry out this job on their own only and only if they are very confident about it. Please remember that there is a certain learning curve to this process, which requires some amount of experience to get the whole thing right.

Right method of using your retic system

We’ll explain the right method of using your retic system by first telling you a bit about how the traditional retic systems were used.

The conventional methods of lawn reticulation used to result in a shallow root system in the lawns. This used to happen as a result of short, shallow and frequent watering. Then when the summer heat would hit, the lawns would started deteriorating quickly and the lawn owners would respond naturally to the situation by watering them even more. Although it worked, it used to result in huge amounts of water wastage.

However, in new age retic systems, homeowners are increasingly resorting to switching off the automatic mode completely. Rather, they are manually watering the lawns only when required (when leaves start wilting) and are thus causing the roots to go even deeper into the soil. This is making the lawns more drought tolerant, tough and less water consuming. All in all, this method is causing less water wastage.

To conclude, lawn reticulation systems are certainly becoming a must for all homeowners in Perth as they save a considerable amount of hassle and time, apart from helping in watering the lawns properly and evenly.