Watering the lawn is one of the most common ways that water is wasted. However, many people still crave a manicured lawn with green grass. The best way to address this desire without wasting massive amounts of water each year is through waterwise reticulation.

Reticulation is a method of irrigation that seeks to minimize waste. While standard irrigation systems use standard sprinklers, waterwise alternatives are more strategic. Instead of misting the ground, waterwise reticulation aims water flow at the roots. This is where it has the most impact, which encourages better results with less water. Moreover, waterwise reticulation slows down the spray of water. This is critical to maximize absorption rates.

Retic solutions can be freshly installed on your property, but we can also convert most existing irrigation systems into an efficient waterwise solution. After installation, you can enjoy lower water costs while reducing the environmental strain.

In addition to retic installation, we also provide retic repairs. The efficiency of your irrigation system is tied to its maintenance. If your system is experiencing any difficulties, do not hesitate to call. Fast service can maximize the efficiency of your system and keep watering costs to a minimum.